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Press Release  

Contact:      Rolling Thunder Enterprises


Phinizy Swamp: 706-828-2109


Oka’Chaffa Indian Festival & Good Medicine Show


Who:      Phinizy Swamp and Rolling Thunder Enterprises

What:     American Indian Festival & Good Medicine Show

When:     November – 10 & 11th, 2012

                Saturday, 10:00 – 7:00

                Sunday, 11:00 – 7:00

Where:   Phinizy Swamp Park (Southeastern Academy of Natural Sciences)

               1858 Lock & Dam Road – Augusta, GA 30906

Why:      To share Augusta’s rich history through entertainment, education and cultural fellowship while stimulating reverence and respect for the diversity of our region, its eco-system and those who once inhabited the Savannah River, Augusta region.

More:  This year is dedicated to, The Year of The Horse which is relevant to our Good Medicine Show. The festival will feature Native American drumming and dancing; Hoop Dancers, Aztec Dancers; dancers Warrior on Horseback; Thunder the American Bison; Native arts, crafts, and clothing; Living Indian village with tipis and other dwelling displays, Muscogee Creek settlement; Primitive Skills Demonstrations: flint napping, fire by friction, hide tanning, archery, blowgun competitions; Environmental and Wildlife displays, Birds of Prey Show; Native storytellers and flute players; Kids’ Activities, Audience participation, Native American Cuisine such as buffalo, roasted corn, Pima wraps, Indian fry-bread. Please note: Acts are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Benefits: Phinizy Swamp (Southeastern Academy of Natural Sciences) and The Sacred Circle Resource Bank

Sponsored by: WBBQ 104.3

                         WAGT 26

Vendors and artists by invitation only, please email:




Lots More:

The City of Augusta is most notably recognized throughout Georgia and the nation for it’s hosting of the “Master’s” Golf Tournament. However, Augusta also has a legacy of turning out principal public figures such as Jane Mansfield, Lawrence Fishbourne, Danny Glover, Amy Grant, Hulk Hogan and the one time hardest workingman in show business’, the late great, James Brown.

There is another element of Augusta that often escapes our line of thought if only for the simple reason of, Out of sight, Out of mind”.  Native Americans played a vital role in the development of townships via trade routes, which actually comprise many of our travel systems today including the rivers that were also utilized for hunting, warfare and commerce.  Creek Indians and other tribes once occupied the Augusta Savannah River Basin along with the Chickasaw who were once in South Carolina and later migrated to the woodland and bayou areas of what is now Mississippi.  Recent archeological finds have lent to a Chickasaw presence in the Savannah Bluffs area close to Phinizy Swamp and the Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy. It was this discovery along with the Academy’s desire to lend observance to Native American History Month in November that help to inspire the Oka’Chaffa Indian Festival.  Oka’Chaffa means “One Water” in the Chickasaw language and is derived from the fact that Phinizy Swamp is where all of Augusta’s used water makes it’s way to and through Phinizy Swamp where nature systematically filters and refines it.  This natural cleansing is in keeping with Native physical and spiritual cleansing concepts initiated by ceremony and daily observance. OkaChaffa is reflective of more than One Water alone as water is the life’s blood of all people hence OkaChaffa is representative of us all. It was the local swamp legend, Okefenokee Joe that suggested Phinizy Swamp consider celebrating its historic origin by inviting the original landlords and stewards of these lands to be a part of a unique and exciting festival.  It only made since that Okefenokee Joe along with Bob Young who is the CEO of Phinizy Swamp and the Southeastern Academy of Natural Sciences recruit the alliance of Chipa Wolfe of Rolling Thunder Enterprises.  Rolling Thunder Enterprises has been producing cultural events for almost a quarter of a century with a healthy balancing act between traditional and contemporary values derived from years of Intertribal alliance with federally recognized tribes, their members and other Native organizations.

November has been proclaimed Nationally as Native American Observance Month and Phinizy Swamp will be hosting the best of Native American culture through song, dance, feast, games, audience participation, live birds of prey show, warriors on horseback, living tipi villages and other Native dwellings. Primitive skills educators teaching earth alliance, Thunder the buffalo, American Indian foods, Native arts and crafts, kids activities and the Swamp Wise expertise of Okefenokee Joe.

Rolling Thunder Enterprises along with SNSA looks to deliver Augusta another signature event and where it may not be the Masters, it will be masterful.

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